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Japan thengsu Product Features Introduction

Statement: Japan tengsu Counterfeit goods are rampant, seriously damaging consumer rights

In order to prevent consumers from being deceived again, they have been fooled many times
Please look for the sole agent in  Tengsu  official website:
This product has no reactions such as blushing, rapid heartbeat, nausea, headache, etc. As long as the sensitive parts of vision, hearing, smell, senses are stimulated, it will produce obvious reactions, invincible, unlimited energy… and can accomplish much. After ejaculation, reaching multiple orgasms, it can quickly produce supplementary sperm afterwards, and can also promote the re-growth of penile cells.

This product is newly developed by Shiga Prefecture Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Kyoto, Japan. The main ingredient of this product is a peculiar plant “Redroot” grown on the Ogasawara Islands in Kyoto. It can stimulate kidney function and increase kidney energy in a short period of time. Make the male roots as big as a pillar and extend the time of sex.

The original authentic Japan tengsu – pure plant extract, without any side effects – every bottle of rattan has an anti-counterfeit scan code to check the authenticity!

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[Ingredients] Red root grass extract, stag’s whip extract, starch, etc.
【Specifications】 0.5g*16 pieces
[Eating method] Take orally 20 minutes before sex, 1 tablet for Asian people, 1-2 tablets for people in Eastern Europe and South Africa, do not overdo it (chewing for better effect).
[Adapt to the crowd] Impotence, premature ejaculation, low quality of sexual life, people who are disgusted with sexual life, insufficient male root hardness, short time, etc.
[Cautions for Japanese rattan]: Japan tengsu must not be rushed for success. Take one or half capsule half an hour in advance for 50-year-old friends about an hour ahead of schedule. Excessive consumption is prohibited.
After taking the Japan tengsu, such as repeated erections or long-lasting erections during intercourse, drink 3 bottles of hydrolyzed mineral water, the cooler the better, or take a cold bath.
Japan tengsu must not be reused for 24 hours.
Japan tengsu can be taken by patients with hypertension.
Japan tengsu is so drunk that it will affect the efficacy of the medicine, so it is not recommended. Shiga Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Kyoto, Japan.